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Most modern cars and many older ones are equipped with air conditioning. Over time the refrigerant used in the air conditioning unit slowly depletes leading to poor performance. It is recommended that the air conditioning unit is serviced every 4 years. We offer several options for air conditioning units, all carried out by our Environmental Agency Certified Technician:


Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning £30 + vat (£36.00)

Is your car smelling musty? This can be due to a build up of bacteria in the Air Conditioning unit. We have a sanitising facility to clean your car's Air Conditioning unit and rid it of the unpleasant smells.


Air Conditioning Gas Test & Re-fill £55.00 + vat (66.00)

Advised to be carried out every 4 years, it ensures that the correct level of refridgerent is in the sytem for maximum performance.Top up your Air Conditioning unit to ensure that you can keep your car cool in summer and demisted in winter. We also have the facility to check for leaks.

Full Air Conditioning Service package £75 + vat (£90.00)

Have the air conditioning unit cleaned and system tested and re-gassed at the same time and save £10.00


We are fully qualified to deal with and dispose of the harmful gases that are contained in your Air Conditioning Unit in an environmentally friendly manner, which is a legal requirement.


Please note, if your Air Conditioning unit has any leaks we are unable to refill it until a repair has              been carried out.


Don't get caught out in warm weather, check to see if your Air Conditioning system is working!


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