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When your vehicle is moving it has kinetic energy. The heavier the vehicle and the faster it's travelling. the more kinetic energy it has. So what happens when your vehicle needs to stop? To be able to bring your vehicle to a halt you need to get rid of that kinetic energy. This is the role of the braking system on your car. If something unexpected crosses your path or the vehicle infront of you stops abruptly the instant and correct reaction is to step on the brake pedal, with this we expect the vehicle to slow down incredibly quickly which is should do without problem if the braking system is in good, well maintained condition.

What are the signs that my brakes need attention?

If you notice that your car isn't braking as efficiently as normal then this is an obvious sign that the brakes need attention, there are also other signs to look out for:

1. Vibration on the brake pedal when braking

2. A clicking sound when braking

3. A screeching or grinding noise when braking

Which parts of the braking system are likely to require replacement and how often?

The 2 components that require routine replacement are the brake pads and brake discs. How frequently depends on the type of journeys the car is doing. The more braking the car does, the quicker the brake pads and discs will wear out. As a rule of thumb you should replace the brake discs every other set of brake pads, but an assessment will be made on every individual vehicle. 

We will always recommend using genuine Renault Parts where we feel it's appropriate, and when using after market parts we will only use those of the highest quality.

What will happen if I don't keep the brakes maintained?

First and foremost if your brakes are allowed to deteriorate the braking efficiency will decrease which could result in an accident, it will also not pass it's yearly MOT test if the brakes aren't working to the required standard.

By routinely checking and maintaining the brakes you will prolong the life of the other braking components on your vehicle which can be more costly to replace.

If you have any concerns about your vehicles brakes don't delay in getting them assessed. If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us.

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