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All cars have either a Cambelt/Timing belt or a Drive chain. Their purpose is to connect the crankshaft to the camshaft which control the opening and closing of the engine valves. Drive chains are made of metal and are designed to last for the life of the engine, where as a cambelt which is more common is made of rubber therefore will deteriorate in condition over time. Due to this factor cambelts should be changed routinely according to your vehicle's make, model and specification.

Unlike brakes or tyres it's not possible to visually determine the condition of the cambelt, that is why their schedule to be changed is based on miles or vehicle age, whichever comes sooner. The consequences of a cambelt breaking can be catastrophic and is likely to result in a costly and sometimes un-economical and unjustifiable repair.

A cambelt change should be recorded in the vehicles service history book. If you are unsure if your car has had a cambelt replaced, and it is due or overdue according to the miles or age we highly recommend that you have it replaced. We understand it can feel like an uneccessary expense and inconvenience but in this instance prevention is a much cheaper option than cure!

If you are unsure if your car is due for a cambelt replacement please contact us and we can check the vehicle schedule for you and advise you accordingly.



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