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No-one enjoys having to spend money on new tyres, but it is easy to forget just how important it is that your vehicles' tyres are in good condition. They are the one part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road surface, so they affect your braking, accelaration, steering, and they absorb the impacts that our wonderful British roads inflict on them.


By checking the following on your tyres frequently you will reduce the risk of an incident occuring.


  • Tyre pressures (correct pressures can be found in your vehicle handbook)

  • Tread depth, the legal minimum is 1.6mm (if below 1.6mm the tyre will need changing immediatly)

  • Cracks or bulges in the tyre and tyre wall (tyre will need changing immediatly)

  • Uneven wear (the cause of the uneven tyre wear will need identifying and correcting.


With so many different tyres on the market it can be confusing as to which ones you should invest in. There are many factors which determine which are best suited to your vehicle, including how many miles you cover, what kind of roads you travel on, the type of vehicle you drive.


We will help to guide you through any confusion to make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best tyres to suit your needs. 


Don't forget to bring your locking wheel nut if you have alloy wheels!

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